Here are a few reasons why you could donate to GreenLeaf.

help expand the community

You can ensure the community will continue to grow and expand.

help with the power bill

As one our servers is, and will remain, a domestic server it has an impact on the power bill.

Mod request

We can build you a model, complete with texture, icon, and functionality depending on the donation amount..

Help greenleaf get new hardware

As all servers cost money, and the more the community expands the more money it requires to keep it online.

Show your appreciation

It takes time, effort and experience in many fields to keep the community active and current.

keep the community ad free

By making donations you can keep the website and the community free of ADS.

You can make a one time donation here

These donations are one time only, unless the server wipes in a maximum of 7 days since your donation has been registered and the full donation reward will be refunded.

Or you can subscribe to a monthly donation

GreenLeaf accepts all donations, but for convenience we have assembled 3 packs with different rewards for our members.

These reward can be claimed once a month, or multiple times if the server you played on has been wiped.

For balance reasons these options can change with or without notice.


Per month



+5 GreenLeaf Tokens

+ 1 Wood Cart



Per month


+ 15 GreenLeaf Tokens

+ 1 Wood Cart

+ Steam Truck


Per month

+20 GreenLeaf Tokens

+ 1 Wood Cart

+ Truck (10 Fuel)

+  Full GreenLeaf Discord Access ᴳ


ᴳ – You will be added to a group that will give you access to write and read all GreenLeaf Discord chats which includes Admin/Moderator Chats and all other private chats.

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