GreenLeaf Prime is a whitelisted server, part of GreenLeaf Community that allows members of the community that either help us by donating, becoming an admin, sponsoring giveaways, or submitting an entry request to play on a dedicated server away from random players. 

Some members requested a second server based on an entry system.

The idea was submited by players that want to play in a smaller group away from random player who come and go, claim land and build constructions that they abandon after a day or two.

Any GreenLeaf member that submits a request (below) to be added on the whitelist, alternatively making a donation will grant you instant and permanent access.

*Members that donate are not required to fill this form.

**The whitelist will be updated every Saturday for Access Request submissions. 

Members of the community that donate are helping us achieve our goal to take the main server out of hosting companies, and purchase another(more powerful) dedicated machine. A purchase like that will ensure we have as close to 100% up time as possible, low latency with high amounts of players, bigger maps, more mods, and much more.

After the goal has been reached, and we have the main server running as intended, the entry criteria will change so it will better reflect the community’s needs. 

Your in-game name, your SteamID64 (you can find it here: SteamID Finder) and an email where admins can contact you!

The subject of the request should reflect the content of the email text body. Alternatively you can use this page for anything related to the community like general question and requests, but use a adequate subject title. 

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